We are marketing influencers helping restaurants and brands grow their social media presence with engaging, consistent and high-quality content.

Content Creation

We create eye-catching content that showcases our clients' menu items in the most alluring way possible. In a society where social media is a customer's first stop in their decision-making process, we aim to generate buzz through our high quality content.

Social Media Management

Don't have the time or a team of your own to handle all of your social needs? We manage your social pages so you don't have to. In addition to posting on our clients behalf, we engage with the online community and are always on the lookout for relevant trends. 

Influencer Marketing 

With a network of over 100k followers, we leverage the food community of Instagrammers and bloggers to create memorable experiences at our clients' restaurants. This helps to increase engagement through additional content that is shared among unique audiences. 


Giveaway posts aim to increase viewership and engagement on our clients' social pages by enticing potential customers with an exciting prize. By utilizing the networks of @phillyfoodies and @love_phillyfood, we are able to increase the potential audience size.